On the evening of January 28, an earthquake with a magnitude of up to 5.9 occurred in the north-west of Iran, in the province of Western Azerbaijan (near the borders with Turkey and Armenia), reports the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC).

The source of the earthquake was at a depth of 15 kilometers. The epicenter was located 8 kilometers southwest of the city of Hoi. A series of repeated tremors was recorded. There are reports of damage.

Information about possible victims is specified.

Recall that on November 12, 2017, an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 occurred in the west of Iran, then the Kurdish province of Kermanshah suffered more than others: more than 500 people died, more than 7 thousand were injured and injured.

Iran is located in a seismic zone. In 2003, an earthquake of magnitude 6.6 destroyed the ancient city of Bam, one of the most important transit points on the Great Silk Road. Then more than 26,000 people died, 30,000 were injured, up to 90% of the buildings and infrastructure of the city were destroyed.

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