59 percent of users admit that, on certain occasions, they prefer to communicate with brands through their ‘chatbots’, such as ChatGPT o ELIZA,to give solutions to simple questions.

This is one of the conclusions that Salesforce has reached in a recent study, in which it addresses the question of how customers perceive this type of technology that companies offer them.

From the opposite point of view, that is, that of the companies, Accenture Digital determines that 57 percent of them took it for granted that conversational ‘bots’ were going to give them great return on investment,while 61 percent of senior managers in these organizations said that chatbots increase worker performance.

Due to this optimization of processes, Salesforce has come to the conclusion in its analysis that 59 percent of users admit that they prefer to communicate with companies at times through them, since they get more agility and quick responses.

According to converged communications solutions provider Enreach, there are a number of reasons why consumers increasingly choose this way of communication. The first of these is immediate attention, at a time when consumers are increasingly demanding.

A good part of them, if not all, expect to have brands and companies at their disposal 24 hours a day. to answer your possible questions or solution to your problems. Hence, the ‘chatbots’, prepared to guide them according to their needs, are a good alternative in cases where face-to-face or telephone attention is not possible. That is, outside working hours or on holidays.

On the other hand, from Enreach they emphasize that this intelligent ‘software’ also has the capacity to remove customer doubts the most qualified agent to solve a matter through keywords in the case of more complex issues.

Another reason why consumers choose this option more frequently is that chatbots such as ChatGPT or ELIZA offer personalized attention. Specificallycan recommend products or services to the consumer based on the preferences that have been previously indicated.

In this way, and with techniques such as cross-selling and up-selling, the system helps users stay faithful to a brand because they are offered exactly what they want or seek. Thanks to these solutions, almost 88 percent of customers are satisfied with the service offered by these companies, that is, 2 percent more than live chat conversations according to Comm100.

Part of the speed with which chatbots respond to customer questions is due to artificial intelligence (AI) that incorporates this type of ‘software’ and thanks to which agents accurately analyze customer behavior patterns.

This process gives them the ability to prevent issues that may arise before they occur, thereby delivering a proactive and agile customer experience.

With this, it is important to take into account that ‘chatbots’ collect data to improve the customer experience. In this way, each of the registered interactions allows these companies a true image of the users’ needs.

On the other hand, AI helps this ‘software’ to improve in conversations or in search terms, so that a less artificial and more enjoyable communication structure with consumers can be created.

In short, the data collected is very useful for the ‘chatbots’ to create more accurate answers and can better understand the behavior of users, as well as measure their degree of satisfaction.

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