In the WNBA, Griner plays for the Phoenix Mercury.

Brittney Griner, a basketball player from Russia who was released last week, says he plans to play again next year.

Friday night, Finnish time, Griner posted his first message to Instagram. She claims in it that she intends to join the Phoenix Mercury, her WNBA team, as soon as the upcoming season. May through September are the dates for the season.

Griner thanked a number of people for their support in the comment he posted beside the picture.

“To be at home feels fantastic. Every day for the past 10 months has been difficult, “Griner penman.

A little more than a week ago, Griner was released from a Russian prison. He was given to Viktor Butin, a weaponry dealer also known as a dealer in death.

When e-cigarette cartridges containing cannabis oil were discovered in Griner’s backpack at the airport, he was detained in Russia in February of last year. He was given a nine-year prison term in August.

Griner was in Russia as a result of her participation in the Russian league, which she had done throughout the WNBA’s break for a number of years.

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