After indications of an impending cyber attack on the city administration of Potsdam, the AfD city group wants a status report to be made at the next meeting of the main committee. In addition to current countermeasures, the report should also provide information on personnel consequences since the last cyber attack in 2020, said parliamentary group leader Chaled-Uwe Said on Saturday.

The city of Potsdam switched off the administration’s Internet connection on Thursday after receiving indications of a cyber attack. According to PNN information, the city received the warning from the country’s security authorities. The reference referred not only to the administration, but also to the municipal corporations. That’s why the municipal utilities, Pro Potsdam and the “Ernst von Bergmann” clinic went offline temporarily. The decision was made by the respective managing directors.

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Specialists from the Brandenburg State Criminal Police Office (LKA) are investigating indications of a cyber attack. According to the police, there are many indications of an attack. There is no evidence of blackmail. According to the city, it is in the process of aligning the systems in such a way that, from the beginning of January, alternative solutions can be used to maintain the ability to work, especially for social processes.

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