The photos of the effigy-burning occasion held on October five in Ramleela Maidan in Dhamtari show the heads of the demon king remained intact, even as the torso changed into reduced to ashes.

An employee of Dhamtari civic body in Chhattisgarh changed into suspended and display-cause notices had been issued to 4 officials in the end ten heads of the effigy of Ravan remained unburnt all through the Dussehra celebrations in Dhamtari.

The photographs of the effigy-burning occasion hung on October 5 in Ramleela Maidan in Dhamtari display the heads of the demon king remained intact, at the same time as the torso turned into reduced to ashes.

Dussehra or Vijayadashami marks the give up of the annual Durga Puja festival, wherein the effigies of Ravana are burnt throughout the united states to symbolise the victory of precise over evil.

In Dhamtari, the Ravan effigy-burning occasion was organised by using the neighborhood civic body.

After the Dussehra party, the Dhamtari Municipal Corporation (DMC) ordered suspension of clerk Rajendra Yadav for his alleged negligence in making the effigy of Ravan.

The order states, Mr Yadav, assistant grade-3, has devoted grave negligence in making effigy of Ravan for Dussehra party 2022 that maligned the picture of the DMC.

After the suspension of Mr Yadav, every other worker, Samarth Ransingh, changed into given his fee, stated Rajesh Padamwar, government engineer of the DMC.

Besides, 4 officials – assistant engineer Vijay Mehra and sub-engineers Lomas Dewangan, Kamlesh Thakur and Kamta Nagendra – have been issued show-reason notices through the DMC, which has sought their replies on this connection, he said.

Padamwar is presently managing the rate because the civic frame leader on the grounds that DMC commissioner Vinay Kumar Poyam is on go away.

Dhamtari Mayor Vijay Devangan stated the action has been taken towards folks who had been given the duty of creating the effigy and now payment of the work might be withheld.

According to the corporation officials, the artisans engaged in making the effigy allegedly had been in putting it up at the ground beforehand of the function.

Ten heads of the effigy remained unburnt which shows that it changed into not made nicely, they stated.

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