Fadi Dekidek, an MDA paramedic and a resident of Hanina, received a report last night (Friday) about the shooting attack in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood in Jerusalem and was the first to arrive at the scene. Also today, he was called to the scene of the attack in Ma’alot Ir David in the capital, where he treated the wounded, one of whom is an MDA volunteer whom he know Dekidak is the first medical person to arrive at the scene of last night’s shooting attack in the Neve Ya’akov neighborhood. He said: “The sights were very difficult, wounded scattered in the area. We saw a woman and four men lying on the road. They suffered gunshot wounds, there were no signs of life and we had to pronounce them dead on the spot. Three more wounded were evacuated.”

“I saw very difficult sights,” he told Amit Segal and Ben Caspit when meeting the press. “As soon as I took care of the first wounded person, I realized that we were approaching an unusual, difficult scene. I am not in the organization for days and days, but this scene is different and probably much wider. I passed by walking if not running while scanning. Before we entered the scene, the police claimed the area and the first thing we put in the organization It’s a matter of security – everyone worked according to the procedure which will be said to the benefit of all parties that in moments like this we don’t always pay attention but because we’re used to it and everyone has a family to return to.”

Dekidek added, “We don’t have doctors on the move. I’m the senior at the scene. In fact, what happened was that I had to check on all the people, unfortunately, the dead and wounded, and manage the scene, which is very difficult, while scanning. I also entered the synagogue to make sure that no one was inside, luckily there was no one injured there “Immediately after that I started going into houses next to the arena.”

This morning, after the previous difficult night, he was called for the second time in less than 24 hours to the scene of an attack. “I arrived at the scene, which was very, very difficult. Father and son were lying on the floor with gunshot wounds to their upper bodies. It didn’t occur to me that the wounded person was the volunteer who works with me, but when we started treating him we realized how serious it was and that it was our friend who was injured in this attack. Magan David Adom Jewish and Arab volunteers together, it’s one home for all of us.”

He added: “A 47-year-old man and a 23-year-old man were fully conscious and suffered from gunshot wounds to their upper bodies. We quickly put him in an intensive care unit and evacuated them with life-saving medical treatment to Shaare Zedek Hospital. The young man’s condition is serious and the condition of the other man is moderate to serious.”

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