Tim Cook stated that Apple would not spend a variety of attempt enhancing the texting experience among iPhones and Android gadgets due to the fact its customers have not been soliciting for it.

At a current conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook brushed off the concept of improving the texting revel in among iPhones and Android devices. According to CNBC, at the 2022 Code Conference, Mr Cook said that Apple would not spend quite a few effort improving the texting experience between iPhones and Android gadgets because its users haven’t been asking for it.
“I do not listen our customers asking that we positioned a variety of electricity into that,” he said in reaction to an target market query. “I would like to transform you to iPhone,” he delivered.

The questioner then similarly pressed Mr Cook, saying that he can not send movies to his Android-using mother due to the quandary of SMS messaging. To this, the Apple boss cleverly recommended, “Buy your mother an iPhone“.

Also Read throughout the equal convention, Mr Cook additionally discussed the legacy of Apple’s founder and announce a new Steve Jobs archive and capacity documentary.

As according to the outlet, he said that Apple’s recent privateness push isn’t always a new intention for the company. “Steve without a doubt ingrained within the employer inside the early days within the importance of privateness and it has simplest grown when you consider that,” Mr Cook stated.

The Apple CEO stated a 2010 speak with the aid of Mr Jobs and said, “Privacy method human beings recognise what they’re signing up for, in simple English, and again and again. That’s what it approach”.

Also Read recent remarks come as Apple’s privacy push has drawn complaint as self-serving. The enterprise brought new privacy features that make online advertising more tough to degree. Apple also released App Tracking Transparency in 2021 – a characteristic that asks iPhone customers before sharing a unique device identity number with apps when the customers boot up.

“What we felt is that human beings must very own their facts, and they should make their own selection,” Mr Cook said. “People should be empowered with the intention to make that choice in a absolutely truthful and simple way. Not buried 95 pages deep in a privacy coverage someplace,” he delivered even as protecting the organisation’s seek advertisements.

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