21/12/2022 App de Apple TV. POLITICA APPLE TV

Apple it is testing internally the implementation of your Apple TV streaming service on phones with Android operating system,in addition to updating la ‘app’ de Apple Music para Android.

The technology company led by Tim Cook already launched the application last year Apple TV and the Apple TV+ subscription service for televisions developed with Google operating system, Android TV.

Until now, Android users could access this service through its website. However, Apple plans to change this by including the Apple TV app for smartphones in the Android ecosystem, as reported by the analista ShrimpApplePro through Twitter and collected the specialized portal XDA Developers.

Apple TV app is coming to Android, currently are still internal beta testing. Will soon be released.
Oh Apple Music app for Android is also getting updated too.

— ShrimpApplePro 🍤 (@VNchocoTaco) December 20, 2022

At the moment it is about internal beta testing. These Apple novelties will facilitate the use of the app by Android mobile users since, currently, when accessing the Apple TV service through browsers such as Chrome or Firefoxfunctions such as download are not available of content for offline viewing.

In addition, ShrimpApplePro has also indicated that Apple is working on the update of the Apple Music ‘app’ in its version for Android. However, not you specified no details about what changes are coming to this Apple music streaming service on Android.

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