Apple is working on one cheaper version of mixed reality viewerתwhich would complement the product category that is expected to be released at the end of the year with its first helmet, but which has led to a delay the development of augmented reality glasses.

The technology company has been working for seven years in his first mixed reality headset which, after several delays, will launch in the autumn of this year under the name RealityPro,according to the Bloomberg analyst and journalist Mark Gurman in early January.

The helmet will be high-end product with a price that will range between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars, as Gurman also noted in November. A price justified by its configuration, since in addition to using the procesador Apple Silicon M2would integrate more of ten chambers, motion tracking sensors and would employ high resolution screens.

However, according to statements from close sources to the company collected by Bloomberg, Apple is developing a low cost version of these helmets of mixed reality, which would be presented in 2024 or early 2025.

In this sense, the American company considers some ways to achieve a more affordable price. One of them is using the chips you use in iPhones, instead of the components you include in Macs high end.

In this way, Apple would get reduce the price of the device until it approaches the price of competitors such as Meta, whose flagship mixed reality headsets, Meta Quest Pro,They have a price in Spain of around 1,800 euros.

However, the company led by Tim Cook has had to delay the development and launch of other of your projects. One of them is the one of the augmented reality glasses,according to sources close to Apple and Bloomberg has collected.

Thus, the company is focusing on the development of mixed reality viewers instead of augmented reality glasses. At first, Apple intended to launch augmented reality glasses in 2025but has postponed the release indefinitely and has reduced the development work of these glasses.

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