It is indicated by a renowned analyst who is based on the low sales of the most economical models of the brand.

It seems that the users of Apple they don’t want to carry cheap or mid-range cell phones in their wallets and pockets. According to data from the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the last segmentation proposed by the manzanita brand caused the demand of the pro models better than the standard models, and at least so far the iPhone 14 Plus It doesn’t seem to generate interest.

Sales of the 14 and 14 Plus aren’t doing as well, and the increasingly obvious quality differentiation between the standard and Pro models points to being one of the main causes.

With this information on the table, the company led by Tim Cook could make a drastic decision. Already in the first quarter of 2022 Apple cut production of its SE model by 20%and new predictions point to a more than uncertain future for this model.

“My latest survey indicates that Apple will likely cancel or postpone the mass production plan for the iPhone SE 4 from 2024. I believe this is due to consistently lower than expected shipments of low to mid-range iPhones (e.g. SE 3, 13 mini and 14 Plus)”, indicated Ming-Chi Kuo on his Twitter account.

According to Kuo, Apple would thus be about to cancel or postpone the launch of the fourth generation iPhone SE, a phone that was expected for 2024. It is that the sales of the iPhone SE are not doing well, nor did those of the iPhone 13 mini (its manufacturing was canceled) and as is the case now with the iPhone 14 Plus.

This fourth generation iPhone SE was expected to change its design, since this family is projected on the design of the iPhone 8.

Radically changing the design of the SE would lead to a significant increase in costs, with a rather uncertain return on the final investment in the product for Apple, as well as the direct consequence of having to offer the new generation at a higher price. And going up in price is the last thing the iPhone SE needs if it is to continue to hold some appeal.

This analyst also maintains that stopping the development of new products can give Apple oxygen to face a possible global recession in 2023.

This being the case, next year for Apple would be the year of the iPhone 15 Pro,aiming to be one of the biggest technological leaps in the history of this cell phone, surrendering to the USB-C port, and with a new camera sensor that would be revolutionary.

What is known about the iPhone 15 Pro

According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, it will be the first CMOS image sensor stacked with a double layer of pixel transistors (2-Layer Transistor Pixel). In conventional CMOS sensors, the photodiodes and transistors are on the same substrate, in this new sensor they are on different substrate layers.

As Sony explains, this technology allows you to expand the dynamic range and reduce noise in photos. This will prevent underexposure and overexposure in environments that have a mix of bright and dim lighting. Thus, better images can be captured in backlit situations and in low light environments. And also, logically, indoors.

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