Artist Damien Hirst stay-streamed the occasion of him burning his paintings on Instagram.

In an unusual and interesting event, artist Damien Hirst burned thousands of art work that were part of his collection referred to as “The Currency“. He set 1,000 of his colorful spot artwork on hearth after selling them in virtual form as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). He additionally live-streamed himself burning the artwork and now videos from the event have created a buzz online.

Before the event, the artist took to Instagram to percentage a publish explaining his choice. “Tomorrow I can be burning my 1,000 The Currency artistic endeavors which I saved as NFTs. A lot of humans think I’m burning hundreds of thousands of greenbacks of artwork but I’m no longer, I’m finishing the transformation of those bodily artistic endeavors into NFTs through burning the bodily versions, the value of artwork digital or physical which is difficult to outline at the exceptional of times will no longer be lost it will likely be transferred to the NFT as soon as they are burnt and I can be live-streaming the overall burn right here on Instagram,” he wrote.

Soon after launching the gathering, he gave a choice to the shoppers between retaining the NFT or obtaining a chunk of the bodily artwork, reports the BBC. He destroyed the paintings for individuals who opted for NFT rather than a physical copy.

“A lot of people think I’m burning tens of millions of greenbacks of art however I’m no longer. I’m completing the transformation of these bodily artistic endeavors into NFTs by way of burning the bodily variations. The cost of artwork, digital or physical, which is tough to define at the first-rate of times will now not be lost; it will likely be transferred to the NFT as quickly as they are burnt,” Hirst instructed the BBC.

Take a look at a video from the event that shows him burning his artworks:

After the of completion of the occasion, Hirst also shared a photograph with the caption, “Finished the burn!!!”

While the idea amazed some, others were no longer convinced and expressed their displeasure. “Incredible moment in the records of the arts,” posted an Instagram user. “Brilliant. Was there to witness it!,” shared any other. “Waste of fabric,” commented a third. “Iconic,” wrote a fourth.

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