Henrik Kuchno was summoned to him by Sandro Schwarz, who was standing close to the gate with his arms crossed in front of his chest. That was not a good omen for the Hertha BSC players, at least not for those wearing red jerseys.

At the training camp in Florida’s final training session, Sandro Schwarz allowed two teams to play for three modest goals each. It should involve vigorous pressing. However, there was little evidence of intense pressure in what the head coach of the Berlin Bundesliga club observed.

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Team Red stood by as Team Blue continued to score goals. That is, until Hertha’s coach had enough. Even though the wind was howling loudly across the square, his comments were simple to comprehend. At the conclusion of the practice, he said, “That’s not enough what Red is offering!” and threatened the squad with a penalty run.

The Blues kept scoring goals as they pleased as the game went on. At some time, Schwarz summoned Kuchno, an athletic trainer, to him.

Nobody is truly relaxed with us.

Hertha BSC head coach Sandro Schwarz

In retrospect, Black wasn’t really upset that his guys had given him an opportunity to speak up a bit. It makes the senses more acute. In the afternoon practice, the team responded admirably, according to Hertha’s coach.

Schwarz had few complaints throughout his eleven days in Florida. We achieved our goals, he claimed. “With much diligence.”

It has to do with intensity. It was about gaining the body that would be required for the season’s final 19 games. And the focus was on enhancing the offensive strategy. Although we are aware of our advancements, we also understand that we must continue to sharpen our competitive edge in order to defeat VfL Bochum.

Starting opponent is VfL Bochum.

Schwarz and his side have just under a week to get ready for the first competitive game of the new year after arriving in Berlin this coming Sunday. Bochum, who is in seventeenth place in the standings, will play Hertha on Saturday. The two clubs are separated by a point. If the Berliners triumph, they would move a little further away from the danger zone. If they drop, VfL moves on.

Schwarz states, “We are conscious of the table region we are in. “Nobody here is particularly at ease. However, it also contributes to not frantically pacing around while wondering, “Oh my God, what’s going on here?” Being assured is crucial.

They witness Hertha’s confidence growing as a result of her time in Florida: The weather, the surroundings, and the outcomes of the friendlies were all favorable. Against the three lower-class rivals, there were three resounding triumphs. They only managed to draw 2-2 with Millonarios FC, the 15-time champions of Colombia, despite frequently falling down 2-0.

We talked about the reality that winning is everything at the start of training camp, according to Schwarz. Hertha was lacking precisely this in the early half of the season. The yield in points frequently fell far short of the performances. Looking ahead to the remainder of the season, Hertha’s sporting director Fredi Bobic stated, “You have to deliver, you have to score.” “The boys ought to just treat themselves.”

slacked down beneath the palms. After the training camp in Florida, Fredi Bobic is in good spirits.
Stephen Hermanns

Bobic was able to see how the team handled the deficit in the game against the Millonarios. However, there is still room for either one or the other to develop. When it comes to being a true goal threat, “we still need to be a little clearer,” he remarked.

Positively, Hertha’s injuries in Florida were mainly avoided. Only winger Chidera Ejuke was forced to leave early since the first friendly caused ligament damage to his knee. Bobic withheld, knowing that there would be a pause, but with such an injury, “it can’t move that fast sometimes.”

There isn’t a budget for us.

Fredi Bobic, director of sports, on potential hires

As a result, there will undoubtedly still be some debate over whether Hertha should actually recruit an offensive player. Fabian Reese and Florian Niederlechner, who will be arriving in the summer for free, are still being traded as potential winter arrivals.

Bobic declared, “We don’t have a budget. The FC Augsburg manager Stefan Reuter is aware: “If he wants to hand it over earlier, he can hand it over. He cannot, however, demand that we pay for it.

Hertha BSC at the Florida training camp Injury to Ejuke thwarts Black’s strategy A new improvement that isn’t really new Hertha BSC depends on Jessic Ngankam, Fredi Bobic on offense, and the DFB’s attention. “I’m content and just consider Hertha BSC,”

Hertha must make cuts, which is another reason why this winter’s transfer activity has been dominated by player sales rather than player acquisitions. We have several things planned. We are now finished, said the managing director of the Berliner.

Six players, including two on loans, have left the team. Bobic declared, “Economically, we did our research without losing an awful lot of substance. “Now that we have a small squad, it appears like we have a balanced group of guys.”

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