Soon after the NCP employees left, MNS’s Thane-Palghar district president Avinash Jadhav went to the multiplex and requested it to restart the show

Former state housing minister Jitendra Awhad on Monday forcefully stopped the past due-night time screening of Marathi movie Har Har Mahadev at a famous multiplex in a Thane mall alleging that the movie has distorted the history of Chatrapati Shivaji to create a political hype. The NCP MLA from Mumbra also targeted Akshay Kumar-starrer Vedat Marathi Veer Daudale Sath remarking that the actor is six ft tall whilst Shivaji was tons shorter.

Soon after the NCP people left, MNS’s Thane-Palghar district president Avinash Jadhav went to the multiplex and requested it to restart the show. “It is incorrect to manhandle an target audience who had come to look at a film. The police want to arrest the accused. In the period in-between, I am going to sit inside the theatre and watch the complete movie; whoever desires to come and forestall the show is welcomed to attempt to do so.”

Awhad said simply to create a hype, the movie (Har Har Mahadev) has absolutely distorted the information. “Shivaji is proven dozing on a bench while Afzal Khan is stabbing him. The actual records is specific; Shivaji constantly knew Afzal could be stabbing him and he become ready for it. Similarly, the connection among Bajiprabhu Deshpande and Shivaji is defamed in the movie. People are stimulated through the films and we can no longer let them alternate the records.”

He similarly said, “We respect the freedom of expression however that is distortion of history. We have the proper to oppose it. Artistic freedom is one aspect but we gained’t tolerate complete distortion of statistics.”

The film is portraying incorrect depiction of King Shivaji and his military, he said. “The movie indicates his soldiers dressed like goons. It shows Baji Prabhu [one of Shivaji’s knights] taking about riot against King Shivaji. We gained’t allow this.”

He additionally said it’s miles proved that for decades films have stimulated politics in states like Tamil Nadu. “Even the characters are special, the Mavalas or squaddies have been by no means truthful and good-looking. Even Akshay Kumar in any other current film is not anything much like the actual Shivaji. Moreover, he’s 53 and Shivaji died at 50.”

Meanwhile, the target market demanded that they be refunded for the ticket because the display changed into cancelled. After Awhad left the theatre, the audience got into an altercation with the birthday party workers.

A film goer stated, “The show need to have been cancelled before we had been bought the tickets; the birthday celebration employees barged into the theatre in the center of the display and stopped it. It is our preference to look at something we need. Since the display turned into stopped, we must be refunded for the tickets.”

Awhad said, “It is proper that we need to have stopped the display earlier than it started out. It become a mistake on our component; I turned into stuck up in a meeting. But, I will make sure that people get their money again.”

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