Uttar Pradesh deputy chief ministers Kesav Prasad Maurya and Brajesh Pathak have condemned Adipurush teaser for hurting Hindu sentiments. Madhya Pradesh domestic minister Narottam Mishra warned of prison action if the objectionable scenes are not deleted.

Amid the ongoing row over the teaser of Bollywood film Adipurush over the alleged incorrect depiction of Lord Ram, Hanuman and Ravana, the head priest of the Ram temple of Ayodhya on Wednesday demanded an immediate ban at the film. He stated the portrayal of Lord Ram, Hanuman and Ravana does now not conform with the epic and therefore is in opposition to their dignity. Making a movie isn’t against the law but they need to now not be made to create planned controversies to hog the limelight, chief priest Satyendra Das said.

The 1.46-minute teaser of the movie has been launched in Ayodhya on Sunday and led to controversies.

Uttar Pradesh deputy chief ministers Kesav Prasad Maurya and Brajesh Pathak condemned the teaser and said the disrespect towards the Hindu gods and goddesses might not be tolerated. “Whatever saints have said desires interest. Movies have regularly hurt the sentiments of Hindus. Whenever our tradition was attacked it became these saints and akharas that saved our subculture. We are proud of our culture,” Pathak said in a assertion.

Keshav Maurya on Wednesday said he did not watch the teaser however if it has harm the non secular sentiments, it desires to be corrected before imparting it to the audience.

Earlier, BJP spokesperson Malavika Avinash said the makers of the movie did now not do any research earlier than developing Ravana’s person. “The Ravana inside the image that I see floating around is a guy who seems nothing Indian, has blue eye makeup and is sporting leather jackets. This is our records they’re representing; they can not do it inside the guise of creative liberty,” she said. Saif Ali Khan can be visible as Ravana inside the film even as Prabhas is Lord Ram and Kriti Sanon is Sita.

The Vishva Hindu Parishad objected to the teaser and said the manner Lord Ram, Ravana and Lakshman had been portrayed is a mockery of Hinduism. “The values of Hindu society were ridiculed. Hindu society will not tolerate this,” Ajay Sharma, Prachar Pramukh of the VHP’s Sambhal unit said. “The VHP will now not permit this film to be screened in theatres,” he delivered.

Madhya Pradesh domestic minister Narottam Mishra on Tuesday warned of felony motion if the scenes showing Hindu religious figures wrongfully aren’t removed. . “Hanuman ji is shown wearing leather, while the description (inside the scriptures) of the deity’s gown is exceptional… These are scenes that hurt religious sentiments. I am writing a letter to Om Raut to take away all such scenes from the film. If not removed, we can don’t forget criminal action,” Mishra said.

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