The Mahan Air aircraft changed into supplied two options to land in India, which it refused and endured on its journey, the Air Force stated.

A bomb scare on board an Iranian passenger flight, while it became in Indian airspace, put authorities on alert this morning, prompting the Indian Air Force to scramble fighter jets.
The Mahan Air aircraft, on its manner from Tehran in Iran to Guangzhou in China, changed into presented alternatives to land in India which it refused and persisted its adventure, the Air Force said.

The fighter jets followed the aircraft at a safe distance, they said in a declaration. The plane has now entered the Chinese airspace, confirmed flight tracking internet site Flightradar.

A name concerning the bomb threat on the flight was received at 9:20 am, stated police. The Delhi airport changed into subsequently put on alert.

“The plane turned into presented the option to land at Jaipur after which, at Chandigarh. However, the pilot declared his unwillingness to divert to both of the two airports,” stated the Indian Air Force.

The aircraft persisted its journey toward its destination in China after it became requested by using Tehran to push aside the bomb scare, in step with their statement.

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“All moves were taken by way of IAF as in keeping with the laid down process, together with the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) and Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS). The plane became under near radar surveillance with the aid of the Air Force in the course of the Indian airspace,” it said.

The Lahore Air Traffic Control had given the enter over the alleged bomb threat to the Delhi ATC, stated information organisation PTI.

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