Now the new Secretary of Defense also has his blessing from the tennis god!

Boris Pistorius (62, SPD) has been the new Bundeswehr boss since Tuesday. The previous Minister of the Interior of Lower Saxony is the successor to Breakdown Minister Christine Lambrecht (57, SPD). Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64) confirmed what BILD had previously reported from government circles.

Scholz received surprising encouragement from tennis legend Boris Becker (55). “Bum Bum Boris” shared the chancellor’s tweet and briefly expressed his confirmation: “#word” (German: That’s how it is!).

In his tweet, Scholz described Pistorius as an “outstanding politician” and praised: “With his experience, competence and assertiveness, as well as his big heart, he is exactly the right person for the Bundeswehr at a turning point.”

Are these early praises for Pistorius justified? He’ll have to prove it. In any case, he fulfills one of the most important requirements: He is the only federal minister who has served in the military himself (military service from 1980 to 1981).

In other respects it’s still a little lacking. In the “International Experience” discipline, however, Pistorius can wipe any doubts straight off the table: Germany’s new defense minister will sit at the table at the Ukraine meeting in Ramstein (with the USA and Great Britain, among others) on Friday. All in all, however, one thing is certain: Scholz’s newcomer has them Passed BILD screening with grade 2 (T2).

And also from Becker there’s “thumbs up”!

After his release from prison in London and his return to Germany, Becker immediately threw himself into his work: He is currently working as an expert for the Australian Open at Eurosportcomments with his longtime TV partner Matthias Stach (60) on the matches from the studio in Munich.

With a fresh short haircut, he reported back at his first appearance, Stach confessed live on the air: “I’m fine, I’m in peace and freedom again. Just hiding a bit, even missed you, my doubles partner here on Eurosport. I’m happy that I can now pursue my great passion for tennis again.”

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