In the last week it rose 111% due to a resurgence of the disease. The plans of the new government.

The future Brazilian government of President-elect Lula da Silva plans to launch a vaccination campaign against Covid 19 in the midst of a flare-up of the disease whose death rate went up more than 100% with respect to the figures registered 14 days ago (see graph).

This Sunday 18 people died from coronavirus and the total reached 690,231 deaths, with an average of 96 cases per day in the last week, which represents an increase of 111% compared to the data from 14 days ago.

Vice President Elect, Geraldo Alckmin,highlighted the “importance of prevention, of vaccines. We came to the conclusion that the most immediate attitude that the government should adopt in the first days is immunization through a great national campaign.”

According to the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass) and the Fiocruz Institute in the government of President Jair Bolsonaro, has stopped sending vaccines in “sufficient quantity” to the states.

Vaccine for minors

According to these organizations, the current government nor was an “outreach campaign” carried out of the importance of vaccinating minors and only the 12% of children up to 6 years.

In this sense, Alckmin said that starting in January there will be a “campaign of conviction” in favor of vaccination in which artists and personalities will participate.

This Sunday 18 people died from coronavirus and the total reached 690,231 deaths,with an average of 96 cases per day in the last week, with an increase of 111% compared to the data from 14 days ago

On Sunday there was also 8,693 new infected,the accumulated rose to 35,408,852 and the average was 28,167 per day in the last week with an increase of 88% compared to the numbers of 2 weeks ago, according to the Conass.

Chinstraps in airports

The increase in covid cases led the Brazilian authorities to reimpose the use of chinstraps in airports and planes at the end of November.

The use of masks ceased to be mandatory last August, but has been imposed again due to “current epidemiological data, which indicate an increase in the number of covid-19 cases in the Brazilian population,” according to a statement from the National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance (Anvisa) published on Tuesday night.

The most affected countries

The coronavirus, far from appeasing, continues to generate infections in several countries around the world, with 645,231,967 total cases.

The country with the most cases is the United States, with 98,972,375. It is followed by India with 44,674,616; France with 38,174,893; Germany with 36,557,861; Brazil with 35,337,546; Republic of Korea with 27,331,250; Japan with 25,242,594; Italy with 24,488,080, and the United Kingdom with 24,251,661.


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