President of the Commission of Football Referees Bruno Marić held a presentation in Medulin at a joint preparation as part of the continuation of the competition season.

Foto: Josip Regovic/PIXSELL

– For the first time in the history of Croatian football, representatives of all SuperSport clubs of the Croatian Football League and the Croatian media appeared at a joint gathering with referees and representatives of the Commission of Football Referees. We analyzed the events from the first part of the season with a certain time lag and, consequently, with much less emotion and enthusiasm, which allowed us to be of better quality in the analysis and suppress the subjective thoughts of the fans – pointed out Marić and added:

– I am glad that the positions of the HNS football referees’ commission are identical to those of the Croatian first league players and the media, I am glad that I had the opportunity to explain to them why errors occur in certain situations despite the use of VAR technology. We don’t ask that anyone justify our mistakes, but we ask that they understand why they happened – he said.

– I am glad that the atmosphere was friendly and partner-like, that the media and clubs believe in us and consider that the approach to the trial and the trial in Croatia are fair – he emphasized and added that neither he nor any of his colleagues will go out in the next month and a half the public on the subject of the trial.

Zagreb: Seminar on the introduction of VAR technology in Croatian football

Photo: Borna Filic/PIXSELL

The judges will be even better

– I also expect the other actors not to comment on the trial in the public space in the next month and a half, let them leave it to the analysis that we will do after that period and in which we will openly analyze the mistakes, but also highlight the good things. No one will be happier than me if, even in a month and a half, there is no need for me to appear in public to explain certain events.

– Forgive us for any mistake, but rest assured that there was no intention in any of them. We are not for anyone, we are only for honesty. I am convinced that the Croatian referees will be even better in the second part of the season – concluded Marić.

Zagreb: Bruno Mari?, VAR technology instructor

Foto: Josip Regovic/PIXSELL

The meeting was also attended by the Vice President of the Commission of Football Referees Vlado Svilokos, its secretary Igor Pristovnik and members Ante Vučemilović Šimunović, Ivica Modrić, Tomislav Petrović and Šime Vukić. There were also the commissioner for the appointment of referees Ivan Novak, the commissioner for the appointment of the referee controller and member of the HNS Executive Board Ante Kulušić, national fitness instructor with extensive international experience Draženko Kovačić, VAR instructor Tomislav Šetka and judges of the Elite Group Duje Strukan and Fran Jović.

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