The lawyers Raúl Noblecilla and Ronald Atencio have announced this Monday that, after a conversation with the former president of Peru Pedro Castillo, they have decided to resign from exercising the legal defense of the former president.

Both lawyers have sent a statement in which they stress that the decision has been made “jointly” and after a conversation with Castillo. Likewise, they have stressed that the reasons for their opinion are reserved.

Just a week ago, the former Peruvian president sent a letter to the Supreme Court in which he asserted that his “sole and exclusive defense attorney” was Atencio, as the local newspaper ‘La República’ recalls.

Now the defense of the former president has been assumed by a lawyer from the Public Defender’s Office.

Former President Castillo, in pretrial detention for 18 months, was dismissed and detained after he announced the dissolution of Parliament on December 7 and decreed an emergency government in a move that hardly received support.

After his arrest, Castillo’s “number two” until then, Dina Boluarte, took over and was named president of Peru. The situation has generated discomfort in part of the population, which has taken to the streets to demand the departure of Boluarte and the calling of new elections.

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