For the first time since the renewed outbreak of the corona virus in China – an official at the Ministry of Health in Beijing confirmed that in just one month – almost 60 thousand people died as a result of the virus. This is a number almost 12 times greater than the official number of dead presented by China so far – since the outbreak of the epidemic more than three years ago.Jiao Yahui, an official in China’s health system, informed this morning that 59,938 people died from the corona virus and complications related to it in the period between December 8 and January 12. According to him, the average age of the dead was over 80.

He also said that the peak of the outbreak has already passed, and was recorded on January 5 with 128,000 hospitalized. According to him, on January 12, the number of those hospitalized was 105 thousand. He clarified that now the number of sick and hospitalized patients is on a downward trend, and the great majority of them are adults and the elderly.

Despite the unusual admission, Yahoi’s words should not necessarily be seen as reliable and absolute numbers regarding the outbreak of the Corona virus in China. Yesterday, a study by Peking University in Beijing was published, which claimed that by January 11, about 900 million people had been infected in China – about 64% of the total population. Last month, the Bloomberg network cited internal documents in China indicating the infection of approximately 36 million people in just one day.

Corona in China January 2023 (Photo: AP)
Corona in China January 2023 | Photo: AP
People with corona masks in China (Photo: AP)
People with corona masks in China | Photo: AP

At the beginning of December, China sharply and widely canceled all the Corona restrictions in the country – following a series of severe protest events in many places. Last week, China also canceled all restrictions on entry to it from foreign countries, but at the same time – many countries imposed restrictions and requirements to show negative tests on those arriving from China.

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