In Iran, more and more voices are being heard wishing for the loss of the local team in its game tonight (Tuesday) against the United States, which is considered an enemy of the Islamic regime and is often referred to as the “Great Satan” by its supporters. In the background of the growing protest in the country, since the young woman from Saa Amini was killed after it was claimed that she was beaten by the modesty police because she did not wear a hijab. Some citizens from around Iran told Walla! the feelings for the game.

An expert assesses: “It is possible that Qatar transferred to Iran the names of Israelis in the World Cup”

A resident of Shiraz expressed the anger that some residents have towards the national team’s players, who they claim represent the regime and not the Iranian people, after they took a picture with President Raisi before the tournament. “I wish that the soccer team of the demonic-Islamic regime will suffer a heavy defeat from the American team. It will definitely give spirit and affect the morale from the demonstrations. The Iranian team comes with power to win the game, but I hope it will lose by a margin.”

A resident of Tehran actually thinks that a victory for the Iranians, “will give breath to the dirty government of the Islamic Republic, and the dirty values ​​of the Islamic Republic will come out again, and celebrate and be trampled. This game is too important for the Islamic Republic.” According to the resident of Isfahan, “If the football team of the Republic loses, it will be the joy of the Iranian fighters.”

Rani Amarni, director of “Radio Ran”, a Persian-language radio operating in Israel, told about the excitement among expatriates from Persia, who also differ in their support for the Iranian national team. Tonight they will meet for a joint viewing at the beach in Bat Yam, where they will arrive with the flags of Iran, the USA and Israel, and will wave pictures of Mahsa Amini. “This is the first time that Iranians will be happy if their team loses. The people believe that the regime is trying to divert public opinion through football and thus silence the revolution.”

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