Jitender Bhargava, a former AI govt director, said economy elegance passengers are not allowed to apply washrooms in business elegance

The crew of a Kozhikode-Delhi Air India (AI) flight has filed a complaint towards an off-obligation Air India (AI) Express pilot for objecting to the usage of business lavatory elegance by way of passengers of the economic system class due to a clinical emergency on Sunday.

“A fellow passenger become sick, his pulse and BP [blood pressure] dropped and then assist become sought from doctors on board. The ill passenger become revived and after round 10 minutes, whilst his situation advanced, the medical doctors took him from his seat and made him lie down within the aisle, blocking several rows near a washroom,” stated Pawan Kumar, a passenger.

The crew then allowed the economic system elegance passengers to use the washroom in the commercial enterprise magnificence. But the pilot objected and ranted for 15 minutes. AI declined to comment on the movement taken towards the pilot.

Kumar said passengers had no choice but to use the business class washroom because the economy magnificence washrooms were blocked.

Jitender Bhargava, a former AI government director, said financial system class passengers aren’t allowed to use the washrooms in business class. “…The reason [for this is] that a commercial enterprise class passenger can pay a higher fare.” He added the guideline isn’t relevant underneath exceptional situations.

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