The Democratic Republic of Congo has recalled its ambassador to Paris, Isabel Tshombe, because she is suspected of embezzling millions of euros. The diplomat, who is the daughter of former Katangese leader and Congolese prime minister Moïse Tshombe, denies the allegations.

Isabel Tshombe has been in France since January 2022. According to a note from Congolese Foreign Minister Christophe Pen’Apala, she must return to Kinshasa “before January 23, 2023”.

The ambassador must account for, among other things, a cash shortfall of approximately 1.8 million euros in “the sale of passports, visa costs and other chancery transactions”, the document shows. The minister also accuses the diplomat of withholding 2.5 million euros that should have gone to Congo’s treasury.

Lutundula accuses the ambassador of “turning the embassy cash register into a private cash register that was operated without observance of the basic principles of financial orthodoxy with contempt for the legal provisions.”

Tshombe will be questioned in Kinshasa by a disciplinary committee about the embezzlement. She said on Twitter on Saturday that she “stood straight in her shoes and stood her ground”.

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