Jairam Ramesh said Rahul Gandhi commenced his press meet on Wednesday at 1pm and earlier than that the course of vote casting indicating the victory of Mallikarjun Kharge become clear.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi became asked on Wednesday about his destiny role inside the celebration as the counting of votes for the presidential election was taking place at that point. In reply, Rahul Gandhi stated his function can be determined by the brand new Congress president. “Ask Kharge ji,” Rahul Gandhi stated minutes before Congress MP Shashi Tharoor put out a declaration conceding defeat in the presidential election. Later inside the day, Congress spokesperson Jairam Ramesh said Rahul Gandhi did now not announce Mallikarjun Kharge’s call inside the press meet. By that time, the path of vote casting changed into pretty clear, Jairam Ramesh said. Read: Challenges for Congress as a new leader takes over

The press meet of Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra commenced at around 1pm on Wednesday. As Rahul Gandhi become requested to comment on the allegations of irregularities raised by Shashi Tharoor, he said it turned into for the vital election authority chairman Madhusudan Mistry to investigate them. “Congress has an inner election authority and a TN Seshan-like character heading it,” Rahul Gandhi said.

There had been misguided media reviews that Rahul Gandhi announced Kharge-ji as Congress President all through his press meet that began at Adoni at around 1pm. The truth is that the path of voting turned into pretty clear before the clicking meet started out.

— Jairam Ramesh (@Jairam_Ramesh) October 19, 2022

Then he became requested approximately his destiny position in the birthday celebration. “The Congress president is the perfect authority inside the birthday celebration. Every member reviews to the president… He will decide my position in the celebration, please ask (Mallikarjun) Kharge ji and Sonia Gandhi ji,” Rahul Gandhi stated. The consequences had been introduced after that where Mallikarjun Kharge were given 7,897 votes and Shashi Tharoor 1,072.

Jairam Ramesh made it clean that the path of voting was clear before the press meet started. “There have been erroneous media reviews that Rahul Gandhi introduced Kharge-ji as Congress President throughout his press meet that commenced at Adoni at around 1pm. The reality is that the path of balloting turned into pretty clear before the click meet started out,” he tweeted.

The BJP on Wednesday claimed that posters with the call of Mallikarjun Kharge have been prepared since the morning. “It become continually a fixed match just like Jeetendra Prasad had stated how his “election” towards Sonia Gandhi became constant too. In fact, Dr Tharoor already talked about the choppy gambling area.

Today what we see is a sham & fakery! Like a WWF suit – it changed into always Noora Kushti,” BJP’s Shehzad Poonawall said.

Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday wrote to Mistry claiming that the balloting system was unfair and no legitimate seal was there within the ballot packing containers in Uttar Pradesh. “Shashi Tharoor is whining like a sore loser. Did he actually anticipate elections in Congress to be unfastened and fair? He ought to be thankful that he wasn’t locked up in toilet…The worst continues to be to come back. In the next few months he may be ridiculed and shamed for taking up the Gandhis,” BJP’s Amit Malviya stated.

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