Tottenham football coach Antonio Conte is proud of his work and dedication to work, but he admitted that he is thinking about the future, after the recent death of three close friends. Italian representative Gianluca Vialli.

Asked how he feels, the Italian coach replied: “For sure, this season is difficult from a personal point of view.”

“Losing in such a short time three people whom I knew very well, first Ventrone, then Sinis, and now Gianluka. It’s not easy. When such a situation happens, it makes you think differently because many times we give great importance to our work and forget about family, let’s forget that we need more time for ourselves,” Conte said, Sky reported.

“This season is difficult for me personally and this season makes me think about my future. When we work and work is always on our mind, maybe sometimes we forget to stay with family, we forget to spend time with friends. But it is our passion, and because of passion we lose many things. When such a situation happens, you start to think that it is good to devote time to family, friends and yourself. Work is not everything in life,” he added.

The Italian coach said that his commitment to work cannot be faulted.

“You can tell me that I can’t be a good coach, but I have never been dissatisfied with the dedication and what I give to the club where I work. Mostly when I leave the club, they regret that I’m leaving, because they know my way of working and the dedication I invest, that what I give to the club. That’s what I think and I’m really happy with the way I am,” Conte said.

“You only get tired if you work. I work a lot and it’s normal to be tired. A lot of people don’t look tired, that’s because they don’t work. I work a lot for this club, believe me. I do my best, not only for Tottenham, but for Inter, for Juventus, for every club I’ve been in. It’s normal that I’m tired at the end of the day, I work a lot for the club and that’s why they want me to stay for a longer period,” added the 53-year-old coach.

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