The methods for gaining followers are becoming more complicated at the moment, and social networks offer a chance outside of traditional advertising. The online copy store Copyfly is an example of how a disruptive communication approach manages to surpass the 36,000 members on social networks and grow your business in just two years and naturally.

In 2020, during the pandemic, six coworkers who had had an ERTE helped copyfly nation. In light of this circumstance, they made the decision that they had to do something with the printing equipment from their prior company that had been rendered obsolete. One morning, a disproportionate increase in searches for “online copy shop” was discovered using the tools that Google makes available to all users for keyword research.

They reached a turning point with this finding, and without considering the potential consequences, they created an application that allowed users to upload files and set printing preferences using a web application.

After launching Copyfly, it was time to consider their social media strategy. They chose to develop a character known as “Mr. Bailongo” on Instagram, who inspired raffles, university visits, and even an appearance at the Cooltural Fest, an Almera, Spain, music festival where they were able to attract hundreds of students to their booth.

The company says, “We discovered that we had not only succeeded in selling photocopies, but also in building a community that would subsequently be known as “Be Invésil.” They claim that as of 2022, they have a “army” of approximately 150,000 “Be Invesiles” who have used Copyfly to print their notes, documents, and resources.

All of this network strategy, together with their “Top Ambassadors” campaign, has helped them become finalists in the national “Ecommerce Awards 2022” competition. comparing oneself against organizations of the magnitude of “Big Crafter,” from Estrella Galicia, and “El Asador en Tu Casa,” as the finest “eCommerce Rookie.”

Copyfly has started a program to recycle the colorful rings used in the binding and give them a new life as part of their CSR efforts. The followers who request the rings are sent them, and after they receive the boxes, they post on social media about their reuse experiences with everything from cat toys to games created by early childhood educators.

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