In order to preserve sustainable economic growth in Serbia, further investments in capital projects in the field of road and railway infrastructure, as well as efficient realization and execution of the budget in the field of health, energy, environmental protection, sports and communal infrastructure, were assessed today at the session of the Council for coordination of activities and measures for the growth of gross domestic product (GDP).

The Council session chaired by Prime Minister Ana Brnabić was also attended by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.
As announced by the Government of Serbia, bearing in mind the unfavorable indicators of the current energy and economic situation in the world, the session analyzed domestic and global developments with projections of economic growth for the current year and possibilities for maintaining the country’s financial stability.

It was said that good results were achieved in the fields of tourism, information technology and services, and that the measures taken to attract direct foreign investments in the previous year were a significant driver of the domestic economy and an additional incentive for the creation of new jobs.

It was estimated that the service sector played the role of the dominant carrier of economic growth in the previous year.

When it comes to agriculture, the importance of investing in additional protection measures against natural disasters was pointed out, primarily radar systems for hail defense, irrigation systems, field electrification.

“A special emphasis was placed on additional incentives for animal husbandry, which in recent years has seen a declining trend. The relevant ministry will also work on revising the criteria for participation in the IPARD program so that a greater number of registered farms can apply for these European funds for agriculture,” it is stated. in the announcement.

One of the measures that the GDP Council will monitor during the year is the speed of issuing location conditions and construction permits in order to release the full potential of private investments in Serbia.

It was concluded that further encouragement of dual education is extremely important, considering the needs of the domestic market and the fact that those who are educated according to this system find it easier to get a job and better paid jobs.

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