On Tuesday, November 22, a court in Amsterdam ordered the extradition of Israeli citizen Shai Avital, a well-known fashion agent suspected of sexual crimes.

This is the first court instance, and Avital can still appeal against this decision.

Shai Avital was detained in Amsterdam on the night of August 19 as a result of a joint operation by the intelligence department of the Israeli police and law enforcement agencies of the Netherlands.

In Israel, dozens of women filed complaints against him for sexual harassment and rape.

The investigation into Shai Avital was launched shortly after the 12th TV program “Hasifa” (“Exposure”) presented testimonies of girls who worked with him and were subjected to sexual harassment.

Shai Avital left Israel on July 25, 2021. Before leaving, he wrote to colleagues that he was the victim of envious people, and expressed confidence that in time everything would fall into place.

After leaving Israel, Avital spent some time in Turkey, then traveled around Europe until he was detained in the Netherlands.

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