Cyrus Mistry coincidence: The SUV de-increased to 89 kmph whilst the driver, Anahita Pandole, applied the brakes, Mercedes-Benz stated in its report

The Mercedes-Benz SUV wherein Cyrus Mistry and 3 others have been journeying changed into going at one hundred kmph five seconds earlier than the twist of fate, the luxury carmaker stated in its findings to the police.
The SUV de-extended to 89 kmph when the motive force, Anahita Pandole, a top gynaecologist in Mumbai, applied the brakes, Mercedes-Benz said in its file.

Cyrus Mistry, scion of one in every of India’s most illustrious commercial enterprise families who formerly headed Tata Sons, and his buddy Jehangir Pandole had been killed inside the car crash in Maharashtra’s Palghar. The other passengers – Darius Pandole, the brother of Jehangir Pandole, and wife Anahita Pandole – are getting better in health facility.

The SUV become fitted with a tool that captures facts much like an plane black box, which a group from Mercedes-Benz retrieved and analysed.

The police have requested Mercedes-Benz some greater technical queries, for which the carmaker has known as in a crew from Hong Kong to look into the SUV and supply an in depth file, India Today said.

Cyrus Mistry wasn’t carrying a seatbelt, the police have stated.

Cyrus Mistry and the Pandoles had been to Udwada, in which Parsis have their essential “Fire Temple”, to hope for the daddy of the Pandole brothers, who died these days.

The twist of fate took place once they were returning. The Udwada Fire Temple became restored over the past few years at a very excessive value, borne absolutely via the Mistry family. It re-opened completely about a year in the past.

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