Political analyst Manish Godha stated that the government takes such steps to constitute our bodies, that are vicinity or network particular, in advance of polls

With the assembly elections just a yr away, numerous leaders from the ruling Congress celebration, competition and network leaders have positioned forth a call for earlier than the Rajasthan government to constitute network precise forums for welfare and improvement.

Earlier this year, the nation government had constituted the Vipra Welfare Board for Brahmin network, and leader minister Ashok Gehlot followed that through approving the suggestion for 3 new forums in October – Rajasthan Leather Craft Development Board, Rajasthan State Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Board (Kachhi, Kushwaha, Mali and Saini), and Rajasthan State Rajak (Dhobi) Welfare Board.

A senior leader acquainted with the traits said that after the formation of the Vipra Board, network leaders have now demanded a board for the development and progress of their respective corporations. “This is absolutely a mission for the leaders as they’re being pressurized by the community representatives,” he stated.

“Any board constituted for a community or area will paintings specifically for its upliftment and development. The schemes and programs are designed to improve living standards,” said Mahesh Sharma, chairman of the Vipra Board, adding that the boards are constituted based totally on monetary and unique surveys.

In the final one month, the kingdom government has received requests to constitute Veer Tejaji Kissan Kalyan Board via country Congress president Govind Singh Dotasara, MLA Sachin Pilot and other Jat leaders. Similarly, BJP MP Diya Kumari has advised constituting the Tel Ghani (Oil mill) Board for the Teli community.

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Other boards that had been recommended are Oad Rajput Samaj Kalyan, Kasth Kala, Braj Shetra Dharmik Vikas, Mansoori Pinjari Samaj, Kevat, Gadiya Luhar, and Bunkar. Around 18-20 such proposals had been submitted to the government.

Earlier additionally, such forums have been constituted with the aid of various governments based totally on craft or network including Devnarayan Board for the Gujjar network, Kesh Kala Board for human beings from Sain community and upliftment of the barber community, Mati Kala Board for the upliftment the pottery community.

Political analyst Manish Godha said that the government takes such steps to represent bodies, that are region or network precise, beforehand of polls.

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