Between 70 and 75 percent of the purchases for the celebrations that are coming to the end of the year will be with digital media, predicts Saúl Vargas, director of Pakke, a Mexican messaging and parcel platform.

Based on information from the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO), Vargas said that the balance is leaning towards purchases through smart devices.

The issue of already having a new normality invites people to go out and consume in physical establishments. This acceleration brought about by the pandemic for digital purchases showed that there is a way to buy that is more comfortable, efficient, and ends up saving time and transportation costs.said the director of the platform that is available to entrepreneurs, small, medium and large companies that have online sales.

People were used to making traditional purchases, but with digital purchases they see a saving in time and mobility, which was previously invested in going to physical stores, when now they can receive them at their doorstep.

But it also works for companies that want to deliver products on time and with savings in shipping costs of up to 54 percent; 100 hours of time savings per month; 65 percent faster when making parcel shipments and 70 percent savings in time in warehouse management.


Saúl Vargas predicted that with El Buen Fin, the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday Courier and parcel services may increase between 150 and 180 percent, from there we continue with shipments for the December season.

In the last six or seven weeks of the year, Pakke shipments are consolidated at 20 or 25 percent of the total volume that is made during the year, which will reach 2 million 200 thousand packages by electronic commerce (ecommerce).

The pandemic accelerated the processes of the logistics sector to such a degree that new needs were identified in the market and new challenges were posed throughout the supply chain to satisfy the demand for services.

Although the Mexican economy contracted 8.2 percent, the contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) generated by parcel and courier services increased 21.4 percent between 2019 and 2020 based on figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

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