Digvijay Singh said Ashok Gehlot, a frontrunner for the pinnacle publish, will ought to “obviously end” as Rajasthan Chief Minister if he takes charge.

In the intense build-as much as the Congress president election, Digvijaya Singh nowadays added a brand new twist by suggesting that he could be a part of Ashok Gehlot and Shashi Tharoor as a candidate for the pinnacle post. The Congress veteran additionally stated Ashok Gehlot, a leader for the pinnacle post and the Gandhis’ favorite for the position, will must “glaringly give up” as Rajasthan Chief Minister if he’s taking charge.
Digvijaya Singh spoke to NDTV inside the setting of a brewing showdown between Ashok Gehlot and the person who may be his alternative as Rajasthan Chief Minister – his rival Sachin Pilot.

The Congress followed a “one man, one submit” remedy at a management meet in Rajasthan’s Udaipur in advance this year however Mr Gehlot nowadays said he could properly preserve, not one but “three posts”, signaling that he isn’t geared up to surrender his Rajasthan role.

On whether Mr Gehlot might be both Congress president and Chief Minister, Digvijaya Singh referred to the Udaipur resolution.

So Mr Gehlot would must resign, Mr Singh changed into requested. “Obviously, sure,” stated the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister.

Ashok Gehlot or Shashi Tharoor? “Let’s see. I am no longer ruling myself out also, why do you want to keep me out?” – he spoke back, suggesting that he may be the 0.33 man in the birthday celebration’s first election for Congress president in over two decades.

“Everyone has the proper to contest… You will know the solution at the night of thirtieth (ultimate day of nominations).”

That there is no Gandhi inside the race is “no difficulty in any respect”, he instructed NDTV.

“There is no issue at all. Whoever desires to contest has were given the right to contest. And if one doesn’t want to contest, then they can not be pressured to contest. That’s it,” he stated.

Rahul Gandhi has refused to go back to the submit he give up after the Congress’s drubbing in the 2019 countrywide election. Ashok Gehlot has stated he will contest best if he cannot convey Rahul Gandhi round. “One has to face fact… This is what seems to be. But allow’s wait,” he stated, adding that once Mr Gandhi has made up his thoughts, it is tough to exchange it.

In the beyond, the Congress has functioned with a non-Gandhi at the top, he argued. “Didn’t we characteristic whilst Narasimha Rao changed into there? Didn’t we function earlier than while Sitaram Kesari became there,” he said.

If now not as president, Rahul Gandhi would play “anything position the new Congress president” assigns, Mr Singh said.

When it was talked about that Rahul Gandhi stays the face of the Congress, he quipped: “He is one of the 119 yatris who are walking from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.”

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