What does someone who likes salty or sweet food do, but doesn’t want to add salt or sugar for health reasons? One of the options is of course to get used to the taste of food with little or no spices, but it turns out that technology has also reached the field of flavors.

The SpoonTEK company invented a smart spoon that increases the desired flavors through electrical stimulation of the taste buds in the mouth. According to the company, the spoon takes the existing food flavor and enhances it for the user without adding additional spices. This is not a completely new idea – this principle has already been tried in Chinese chopsticks and cocktail glasses.

The spoon contains two electrodes – one in the handle and one in the concave part. The user covers the electrode with the handle, while the other is covered with food, thus effectively closing an electrical circuit that transfers the current from the spoon through the food directly to the user’s mouth.

According to SpoonTEK, the result is a mild electrical stimulation of the taste buds on the tongue, which increases the sense of taste. The company warns against using the spoon in people who have electrical medical devices implanted in them, such as pacemakers, who suffer from convulsions or who have an earring in their tongue or lips.

The price of such a spoon on the company’s website is 29 dollars and it comes in three colors: black, beige and gray.

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