The poll on whether Elon Musk would remain CEO of Twitter has come to a close. In response to the issue of whether he should go, 57.5 percent of voters said “yes.” What Musk will do is the current question. He had agreed to follow the findings when questioned.

Twitter’s period under Elon Musk’s ownership cannot currently be characterized as a success. On Sunday, he also said that a new rule that forbade users from linking to profiles on other social networking platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Mastodon had been reversed. Only accounts whose main objective is to promote other platforms will be suspended under the revised policy. Musk indicated that a vote on significant revisions to Twitter’s rules will take place later today.

On Thursday, Twitter had already deactivated the accounts of some well-known American journalists. Although a sizable portion has already been reactivated, Musk’s action received harsh criticism. He is criticized for spending too much time on Twitter and not enough on Tesla, the company he also leads. The stock of the company that manufactures electric vehicles has long been under pressure.


He started a vote about his future on Monday morning, much to everyone’s surprise. Should I resign as Twitter’s CEO? I’ll follow the findings, he wrote in his message. 57.5 percent of respondents agreed, while 42.5 percent disagreed. Over 17 million people cast ballots.

What Musk will do is the current question. On the outcome, he has not yet made any remarks. Even before the issue was posed, there was a lot of conjecture around potential successors. Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, was mentioned among other things.

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