Donald Trump tells News Mecha: “I think my dating, you may ought to ask Prime Minister Modi, however I don’t assume you’ve got by no means had a better courting than you had with President Trump”.

Hello and welcome to this News Mecha worldwide extraordinary. We are at a Trump golf inn in Bedminster, New Jersey, just two hours out of doors of New York, to fulfill the person of the moment, Donald Trump, as many accept as true with, is probable to run for President once more. We’ll wait and see. But he is battling, now not simply his political rivals, but a number of other demanding situations. And we’ll get into all that with him. And with him, is Shalabh Shalli Kumar, who is the founding father of the Republican Hindu Coalition. He has been a longtime supporter of President Trump and has stated that he’ll deliver the Indian American – or as Shalabh Kumar says, the Hindu American vote – to him. And he is additionally been very instrumental in facilitating this interview. Thank you each a lot for being with us, President Trump.
News Mecha: To see each of you back together once more, is that this all an illustration that you are now set on the street to 2024?

DONALD TRUMP: Everyone wishes me to run, I’m leading inside the polls, and each ballot Republican polls and Democrat polls, and I’ll make a selection within the very close to future, I suspect. And I assume that a number of people are going to be very glad. But we’ve got been buddies for a long time. We’ve been pals from earlier than the ultimate campaign and 2016 and then 2020. And I’ve had a extremely good courting to India and to Prime Minister Modi. We had been we have been friends. And I suppose he is a high-quality guy and doing a excellent job. It’s now not an easy job he’s were given. So, but we’ve got known each other a long term. Good guy.

News Mecha: That’s an thrilling thing. You stated you are nonetheless making up your mind, however numerous people may be satisfied with the decision.

DONALD TRUMP: I think so. A lot of human beings will be, and a couple of humans will be sad.

News Mecha: This is quite an thrilling hint that we’ve got were given, Shalabh Kumar. Do you believe you studied it is now nearly a achieved deal that President Trump goes to run once more? And should he run once more? Is he the plain desire?

SHALABH KUMAR: Of direction, he must run again. That’s our view. And you already know, it’ll be first rate if he runs again. I mean, our community, they will simply like to have Trump 47. So that, obviously, can be exquisite.

News Mecha: And, and out of the Republican slate, is no different… Is he the obvious preference?

SHALABH KUMAR: He is the Republican Party.

News Mecha: Would you believe that, President Trump? Are you the Republican Party?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, the ballot numbers will ought to agree because it’s… We blow every body away. And this is due to the fact we did a outstanding activity. We had a top notch 4 years. Then we had a terrible election, a terrible, horrible issue passed off. It changed into a rigged election. And we will now see what occurs. But that was only a horrible element took place to our u . S . A .. Because our usa… It’s suffered so badly during the last two years. When you look at inflation, while you observe Afghanistan, whilst you observe all the matters that have happened which have been so awful, and we had been doing so nicely before that. So, we will make a choice very quickly.

News Mecha: Is anyone, like they are saying, Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida – is he a chance at all?

DONALD TRUMP: I suggest, I became the one that turned into instrumental in winning him an election. I helped him win an election. I assume he’s a very good individual. But if you move by the polls, I’m main by a lot.

News Mecha: You’re manner beforehand?

DONALD TRUMP: Like 40 factors or greater.

News Mecha: But the element is, President Trump, that we are having this interview at a very uncommon time. As you get equipped to accumulate your political momentum, you’re also battling most of these fees, you understand, the raid on Mar-a-Lago, you have spoken approximately that pretty loads.

DONALD TRUMP: It turned into a horrible element. And frankly, this is had a massive effect at the population. But that changed into a terrible thing that they did. Raiding my domestic was a terrible aspect. And I assume it’s, it is boomeranged and very negatively on them.

News Mecha: Where have been you while it happened? And how did you first come to listen about it?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I was in a distinct area. I wasn’t in Florida, and I become called. And once I heard about it, I said ‘that’s unusual’. And it become peculiar. And it became very odd to the general public additionally, to the American humans, due to the fact they have been no longer happy with it. And in case you examine the result of that, you may see that they were now not glad. They’re very irritated about it.

News Mecha: And you spot this as… It is been seen with the aid of the Republicans as an act of vendetta. I imply, the authorities says, appearance, they’re serious fees. But you are saying this is vendetta?

SHALABH KUMAR: There may be very smooth manner to without a doubt permit the Hindu Americans and India recognize because there is a massive parallel from 2002 to 2014, all people wanted to put Narendra Modi in jail. He became being vilified. They desired to position him in jail. Now he’s the maximum popular man. The identical thing is occurring for six years. Half the time now. President has been, you recognize, witchhunt. First, the Russian collusion – not anything. Impeachment – not anything. I imply, this factor, the raid absolutely makes no experience.

News Mecha: But President, while the FBI says we discovered secret documents, the Justice Department releases that picture, , record scattered on the floor of Mar-a-Lago with ‘Top Secret’…

DONALD TRUMP: That they placed there. It’s a hard and fast up. It’s weaponization. And it is irrelevant to do and it’s a bad component for our usa. And that is like Russia, Russia, Russia, and the Mueller file and all of the hoaxes that we’ve got had to undergo and it is come to be trendy American politics and it is a disgrace.

News Mecha: You’re pronouncing that it’s weaponization, to the extent which you’ve virtually referred to as Joe Biden, the enemy. He says Trump and the Trump motion is a chance to democracy, you say that Joe Biden is an enemy of the nation. What made you assert that?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I will inform you this. He’s finished very badly for our country. Our united states of america has by no means been in a position like this. We’re susceptible in many methods. And we’re simply… The economic system is terrible, what has taken region on the economy. What’s taken place with inflation, and almost everything we are doing proper now. And we’ve lost our voice and our admire worldwide. You observe Russia, check Russia invading Ukraine, that might have never took place. Watch what’s going to show up with China. And Taiwan, you test that. Because already the ones ships are lining up, and that would be next. None of this stuff would have happened. Inflation wouldn’t have occurred. We have been electricity independent. And now we’re begging all of us for energy. We’re begging we’ve got blackouts throughout our united states of america. We’ve in no way had something like that. So very bad matters have came about to this country in two years. Things that are absolutely unthinkable.

News Mecha: Okay. Which is why you say Joe Biden is an enemy of the kingdom. But had been you to run once more, you watched you could beat him? Because he’s running again?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, within the polls, I’m leading with the aid of lots. I could assume I beat him effortlessly. I assume I beat him last time. I don’t think… If you examine the numbers, you have a look at what came about. I beat him by way of plenty. Last time. I got many tens of millions of more votes final time than I did the primary time. You recognize, in 2016, we ran a top notch campaign. But I ran a better marketing campaign in 2020.

News Mecha: It became higher than 2016?

DONALD TRUMP: I think we ran a much better marketing campaign. I were given 12 million extra votes or close to 12 million greater votes. I got greater votes than any sitting president in history.

News Mecha: Twelve million greater votes than?

DONALD TRUMP: Than the previous time.

News Mecha: But standard, President Trump, it’s the query that continues coming up that during a democracy, India is taken into consideration the arena’s largest democracy, you’re the sector’s oldest and that is why we have this dating. Democracies feature at the principle that the dropping side concedes defeat and the triumphing side takes over.

DONALD TRUMP: I accept as true with that. We failed to lose.

News Mecha: But in this situation, you have not conceded. I suggest, in a sense, you still have not familiar the outcome of 2020. You nonetheless consider it is stolen?

DONALD TRUMP: Take study what occurred. Two weeks in the past, it came out, the pinnacle of Facebook, Zuckerberg, said the FBI got here to him and advised him this Russian disinformation, don’t say whatever. And they went to the media. And they suppressed it. That’s a chief shape. This is just poll stuffing, what they’re doing become so terrible. And what they may be doing is a disgrace to our u . S . A .. And no person did anything about it. And it made, they say, the pollsters say it made from a ten to a 20-point distinction.

News Mecha: In the election final results?

DONALD TRUMP: Oh, it was a high-quality… They suppressed all of that statistics, probable illegally. I count on it changed into illegally executed. But it need to have in no way been accomplished.

News Mecha: You assume that that is a type of a difficult place if you have an election outcome after which one facet would not receive?

SHALABH KUMAR: No, in reality not. You know, I mean, all of us know there is a lot of fraud, voter fraud in United States. You recognise, all the Democrat-run towns, Democrat-run districts, we know that, their counties. This time due to the pandemic, it changed into a good deal larger. That’s what basically took place. Now if you recognise, to start with, let me additionally tell you, Hindu Americans and India in standard, They do not supply a hoot approximately this. I’m inside the community. I go there tour there every day. They…

News Mecha: But he feels strongly approximately it.

DONALD TRUMP: I feel strongly approximately loads of things. You realize what I feel strongly approximately? Our u . S ., and our usa goes to hell. That’s what I sense strongly approximately. And when you look at what’s took place to america, whilst you study what’s befell in two years, america, we have never been in a role like this ever.

News Mecha: But you already know, some would say President Trump, that this concept of a of a sort of a stolen or illegal election could have results in phrases of what occurred on January 6. Some might say, resulting from that, that there was actual violence. Isn’t that a trouble?

DONALD TRUMP: Democrats have stated that for a long term approximately different elections. They went out and that they said the 2016 election become stolen. The same people that now whinge were huge complainers about 2016. They say I stole the election in 2016, which I didn’t do but the same voices which you hear said, no, no, there may be splendid proof. There’s amazing proof. And once more, cross lower back to simply weeks ago, when Zuckerberg stated he was informed Russian disinformation, do not say some thing. Don’t say anything till after the election.

News Mecha: This is this kind of fear for you. How will you save you it from happening once more?

DONALD TRUMP: They are changing guidelines and changing guidelines, one of the matters that came about, one of the very massive things is that they did things for the duration of the election, which didn’t get authorised by way of legislatures, ok. The country legislatures did now not approve it. And by means of law, you have to have it accepted. So, a number of changes are being made, it will be more difficult. Plus, you had Covid, and also you had millions and hundreds of thousands of ballots pouring in, and that they haven’t any idea what became going on. And awful matters happened. And actually, the bad thing that occurred is what took place to our us of a, due to the fact our us of a is going to hell to. It’s just sad.

News Mecha: In the belief that there may be going to be a Trump 2.0, what’s going to be your number one priority, in particular whilst it comes for America first after which for India?

DONALD TRUMP: For America, power independence. For India, India’s doing just exceptional together with your superb Prime Minister Modi, my pal, For America, I can only talk for America, we’re going to be energy impartial, we’re going to have a awesome economic system, roaring financial system again, which we do not have proper now. Okay, we set each record on jobs. We’ve by no means had an economic system, just like the economy that I had. But we’re going to carry lower back electricity independence, and we will do matters that we haven’t been capable of do in the last two years.

SHALABH KUMAR: I’d like to say some thing on there. I always stated, ok, I’ve said this. President Trump is Reagan on steroids. If you study the first three years of the financial system, 7 million jobs delivered in 3 years, okay? Three.5% unemployment, $6,000 in keeping with family income boom. 401Ks double. There is no one, you understand, I’m a student of history, there is nobody inside the 20th century who was a higher President than President Trump. And if, in 2024, if President decide to run, it is gonna be a landslide.

DONALD TRUMP: And I think India has in no way had a better buddy than me. I don’t accept as true with that. And it truly is one of the relationships that, you know, I’ve formed. But India has never had a higher buddy as President than me and with my relationship with…

News Mecha: Even as compared to preceding Democrat, President Obama, and then Biden now?

DONALD TRUMP: I suppose my courting, you will must ask Prime Minister Modi, however I don’t assume you have in no way had a higher relationship than you had with President Trump.

News Mecha: If you were in charge, you cited Russia-Ukraine, Biden’s – in keeping with you – mishandling of it, what could you have executed?

DONALD TRUMP: Absolutely nothing as it turned into understood which you’re not going into Ukraine, it became understood. We wouldn’t have had to do something. That changed into never going to take place. And by way of the manner, for 4 years, it failed to occur. Okay. And now you notice China with Taiwan, with ships sailing around it. Lots of ships. Lots of action happening. But with President Putin, he could have by no means gotten in if I changed into President. Never. Not even a chance.

News Mecha: Why do you are saying that? What do you think would have made him assume two times?

DONALD TRUMP: I comprehend it and you already know what, he failed to.

SHALABH KUMAR: Peace through electricity.

DONALD TRUMP: He didn’t move in.

News Mecha: Because he was involved of what?

DONALD TRUMP: You know what, you will should determine that out. All I can say is he did not pass in, there has been in no way even a thought of getting into. And once I changed into in there, it fashioned and now you have got what you have. Hundreds of thousands of people are useless. It will be millions, ultimately, can be a World War 3. I suggest, frankly, the manner it truly is going proper now, that could turn out to be being World War 3, But it would have by no means befell. You wouldn’t have had everybody dead. It would have never took place. And it is a completely sad aspect. That’s one in every of many stuff, however it’d have in no way befell. The Afghanistan withdrawal the manner that turned into achieved, was so incompetent, with the squaddies that are taken out first, the military is taken out first. That might have in no way have… We could were out however we’d have kept Bagram, by way of the manner, due to the fact we must have stored Bagram.

News Mecha: I was going to ask you that due to the fact, in response to that, the Democrats say that the troop drawdown had already started whilst you have been still President.

DONALD TRUMP: No, no, I added them down to a degree. And then we are able to go into and that they had to meet quite a few tips, which they were not assembly. But the primary component which you could have performed is you will have introduced the humans out, the Americans out, you would have without a doubt delivered our device out. We left $85 billion well worth of device at the back of. This would have in no way ever came about. We could have had, we might were out, but we might have kept Bagram, you already know, we gave up Bagram. Bagram is one hour away from the Chinese nuclear plant in which they make nuclear guns, right? We should have never given that up. We gave that up.

News Mecha: What approximately the media buzz that Ivanka might be your running mate? Is there any substance?

DONALD TRUMP: Ivanka? My daughter? Never idea of that one. I’ve in no way even heard however that is an interesting idea.

News Mecha: It’s been inside the media for a while.

DONALD TRUMP: That one I even have now not heard of, however she’s a very capable person that I can inform you. But no, I have not heard that one.

News Mecha: Would you remember it?

DONALD TRUMP: No, I would not. Not my daughter.

News Mecha: Truth Social, the internet site, the social media platform, what is your take on that? Because there may be a few sense or it did not move in addition to you could wanted.

DONALD TRUMP: It’s doing phenomenally properly. Okay. It’s doing a long way better than I ever thought it is able to do. It gets the word out. I suppose better than Twitter for me better than Twitter. I assume Twitter has were given numerous issues, and Truth. It’s referred to as Truth Social; Truth is getting the phrase out. And it is my simplest platform. It’s a platform that I want. That I own and that I want. And the word is out. I wager we have over five or 6 million human beings proper now. And it is developing very massive and very hastily. And people are watching it due to the fact I’m on and different structures fail, and you’ll see what’s going on with Twitter. Twitter’s getting killed.

News Mecha: Do you omit being on Twitter at all?

DONALD TRUMP: No, because Truth is better. For me. Truth is better. I feel it has a better inject. Much better inject than any other aspect that I’ve ever labored on.

News Mecha: The closing time when you have been both collectively, you had a slogan for Indian Americans. I do not know if you if you take into account that?

SHALABH KUMAR: Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar

News Mecha: So, President Trump, thanks very much certainly for speakme to us. We wish to see you in India one among these days.

DONALD TRUMP: We’ll be there.

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