Driver Flees Hit-And-Run With Motorcycle Still Attached To Hood The bike rider was, meanwhile, rushed to the health facility in which he is currently recovering.

A harrowing video has surfaced on the net which indicates a driver allegedly concerned in a hit-and-run case riding away with the motorcycle attached to the hood of his vehicle. The incident befell in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and has been posted online by ViralHog.
The video, made available through Maíres Rodrigues, says that the automobile driving force ran over a motorcyclist and did now not stop to offer assist.

The character who shot the video accompanied the automobile to seize a glimpse of the driver. But as soon as the car approached the fleeing motive force’s vehicle, the motorcycle that he ran over became seen connected to the front of the car.

ViralHog in addition said in the description of the video that the motive force become stopped a few kilometres ahead via the police and detained.

The motorbike rider was, meanwhile, rushed to the medical institution wherein he is currently convalescing.

Just some days in the past, photos of vehicles having a head-on collision went viral on the net.

The video shows a driving force dashing via an intersection in Yorktown Heights, New York. Suddenly, a speeding SUV plows past the mild before striking the car that become trying to make a left turn.

The collision sparked a fireplace within the vehicle that changed into smashed. The terrifying coincidence, recorded on a dashcam, left the two automobiles in a horrible state. Bits of crushed glass and components of the vehicle had been additionally seen scattered at the intersection.

At the cease of the video clip, the driver of the automobile on the receiving quit is visible getting out of the automobile. Fortunately, no accidents have been suggested. No different details of the incident were found out.

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