In order to combat the cold wave that is wreaking havoc on the nation, the Iranian government has ordered the closure of nearly all offices and educational institutions in Tehran, the country’s capital.

The office of the lieutenant governor, Qadratulá Shafiqi, said that all ministries, institutional heads, schools, institutes, and colleges will be closed on Saturday in order to conserve electricity in a statement carried by the Iranian state broadcaster, IRIB.

The note continues, “Only banks and emergency services will remain open.”

Gas consumption has recently surged by about 30% in comparison to the same time last year, according to the Iranian Oil Ministry. The populace has been instructed to engage in a self-restriction exercise by the government in order to resolve the “serious situation.”

According to the DPA agency, the restrictions have sparked fierce opposition from the populace, who are incensed that a nation like Iran, which has the second-largest gas reserves in the world, has failed to confront a cold wave.

Iranian oil and gas reserves are enormous, but the facilities’ infrastructure is dated. The government of President Ebrahim Raisi lacks the funds to upgrade and extend the facilities as a result of international sanctions.

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