Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today visited the earthquake-devastated cities of Kahramanmaras and Hatay, as well as Pazarcik, the epicenter of the earthquake. Speaking to reporters, Erdogan acknowledged that there were problems with the initial emergency response, but insisted that the situation was now “under control”.

“Initially there were problems at airports and on the roads, but today things are getting easier and tomorrow will be even easier”, said the Turkish head of state, reiterating that “we have mobilized all our resources. The state is doing his work”.

Therefore, after having updated the death toll and the wounded, there is talk of over 11,000 victims between Turkey and Syria, Erdogan tried to reassure the Turkish people about the reconstruction work in the region: “Our goal is to carry out operations within a year of massive housing construction in the 10 provinces just like we did in other provinces where we suffered disasters”. “We have mobilized all our means. I hope we will give certain support to our families. At the moment, we have planned to deliver 10 thousand Turkish lira (500 euros) to each family”, continued Erdogan, guaranteeing that no citizen “will be left without accommodation “.

Then the Turkish president appealed to the population asking “not to give credit to the provocateurs, with the exception of the statements of the AFAD (the Turkish emergency management authority, ed) and I also want members of the press to do the same “.

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