Today, the International Football Federation (FIFA) initiated disciplinary proceedings against the Croatian Football Association (HNS), due to the insulting banner and insults to Canada’s goalkeeper Milan Borjan.

Fifa announced that the charges against HNS refer to the behavior of Croatian fans and listed the rules regarding discrimination and security at matches.

Borjan, who is a member of Red Star, was born in Knin, and he and his family left their hometown in 1995 after the military operation Storm.

On Sunday, Croatia defeated Canada 4:1 in the second round match of Group F at the World Cup, thus eliminating the North American selection from further competition.

Fifa has not set a deadline for making a decision, and such cases usually end with a fine.

Earlier today, Fifa imposed the first fine at the World Cup in Qatar, so the German Football Association will have to pay 10,000 Swiss francs for not bringing a player to the mandatory press conference the day before the match.

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