Finnish wind turbines produced 11.5 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity in 2022.

The electricity consumption of the whole of Finland during the year was a good 80 TWh, 14.1 percent of this was covered by wind power. 16.7 percent of electricity production was covered by wind power.

The amount of wind power production increased by as much as 41 percent compared to the previous year.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the capacity of wind power increased by 75 percent last year from the previous year and brought investments of over 2.9 billion euros to Finland.

Last year, 2,430 megawatts of new wind power capacity, 437 units, were built in Finland. Their production will be largely reflected in the amount of wind power production in 2023. Based on the wind power projects under construction, it is known that by 2028, wind power will cover at least 28 percent of Finland’s electricity consumption.

“The strong growth of Finnish wind power production is coming at the exact moment when it is most needed,” says the CEO of the Finnish Wind Power Association Anni Mikkonen.

“Wind power capacity has increased rapidly in recent years, and it is now also beginning to show itself as a strong increase in production.”

According to the Energy Attitudes survey published in December by the energy industry, wind power is the second most desired form of electricity production after solar electricity: according to the survey, as many as 82 percent of Finns want more wind power in Finland. According to the survey, Finns think that the most important goal of political decision-making is to increase Finland’s energy self-sufficiency.

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