On the occasion of International Doctor’s Day, which falls today, “Maariv” brings the story of Dr. Morit Bari, who does not skimp on the means. She jumps from planes, goes on foot trips in the desert and pedals dozens of kilometers on a bicycle – all for the purpose of raising funds for the Eli’an Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital and Youth, where she started working about 20 years ago and today she heads it as CEO.

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“All hospitals face a budget crunch, but there are usually profitable departments such as maternity or certain surgeries alongside the areas that are always loss-making, and rehabilitation is one of them,” she says.

According to Dr. Barry, the hospital is the only one in Israel that specializes in rehabilitation, but operates as a non-profit organization and therefore does not benefit from automatic government support and receives reimbursements according to the Ministry of Health’s rate per patient, which is far from sufficient to finance the true cost of the unique and comprehensive treatment provided at Eli’an.

Barry: “The truth is that without donations from good people, the children would have received a series of technical treatments, which were not precisely adapted to their needs, and a significant part of the rehabilitation goals would not have been achieved. This is how I found myself falling from a plane, hanging between heaven and earth, the main thing is to raise funds. There is no There is no doubt that we have won great partners on the journey, who go out to ride bicycles and climb mountains for the sake of the children, but still, the difficulty is great, and the gaps are growing, and here the state must make more of an effort and provide an adequate response to the needs of the children and girls who need rehabilitation.”

Barry adds: “The children who need rehabilitation do not have time to wait for budgets to be transferred to the hospital. Their future depends on our ability at the hospital to provide optimal care despite the situation and despite the difficult conditions created during the Corona period and accompanying us even today.”

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