It should not have happened, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovi said on Friday after the decision to train Ukrainian soldiers in Croatia was reversed. “In this particular case, we saw a manifestation of politicization, I would say provincialism, complete ignorance of key global, security, and political topics, which will in a small way, not much, because we have strengthened the international position of Croatia, still harm our international credibility,”

The Homeland Movement joined the chorus of comments and informed Plenkovi that for them, Croatia is the most beautiful country in the entire world and that they do not view it as a province. Additionally, they advised him that his ego was larger than Croatia and Ukraine and that, had he truly intended to aid Ukraine, he might have written to Milanovi using the proper channels and thereby atoned for his emotions.

We are sending the full press release from the Homeland Movement.

You’re correct, Master Plenkovi: When we stepped up to protect and gave up the lives of our fathers, brothers, and sisters for the sake of that “province,” as per your words and judgment as you perceive Croatia, we truly displayed our provincialism.

You were in Paris at the time, the city of light, with your closest group of collaborators, who are still your collaborators today since, of course, you cannot bear provincialism. We are aware that it is difficult for you to call Macron, your close friend, and in particular Ursula von der Leyen, who is under investigation for her role in the Pfizer scandal, in which she misappropriated over 40 billion euros, and following the significant corruption scandal in the European Union, in which 600,000 euros were uncovered. As a result, we think it will be very challenging for you to explain to her why your attempt to put her ideas into action failed.

Yes, it is tough to be surrounded by so many people from the provinces, and we are aware of your strong desire to leave the Republic of Croatia’s province as soon as possible. Our Croatia is not regarded as a province. For us, it is the most stunning nation on Earth, the center of the globe, and anyone who despises their home has never been deserving of it.

PS: If you truly desired to assist Ukraine, you would have written the President of the Republic of Croatia using the proper channels and attempted to calm enmities, but instead, YOU are a world citizen, and your ego is larger than both Croatia and Ukraine!

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