For her book “Of Beasts and Birds,” Pilar Adón has been given the 12th Francis Threshold Award by the Francisco Threshold Foundation (Gutenberg Galaxy). The Francisco Umbral Foundation and the Majadahonda City Council each contributed 12,000 euros to the prize, which also includes an Alberto Corazón sculpture.

The decision was made at the Foundation’s offices, which is located at Majadahonda’s Francisco Umbral Municipal Library. Because it is “an enigmatic novel with its unique style that mixes imagination, mystery, and poetry,” the committee decided to give this work the prize.

President of the Francisco Umbral Foundation Mara Espaa informed the winner, Pilar Adón, of the news. “There has been a significant delusion. Because of what the prize represents, the name it carries, and the list of prior winners who serve as models for Spanish letters, it is a very unique honor for me “The winner has made a point of this.

Francisco Umbral has also always been “a reference” for Addón’s writing, as well as “it has been for a significant portion of the writers and readers” of his generation, according to Addón. “His commitment to raw language, his militancy as a whole writer, his commitment to literary honesty, his coherence, his humor, and, at the same time, his amazing poetic capacity to convey love, grief, and the time he had to live,” has been added.

Juan Cruz Ruiz, a member of Prensa Ibérica’s executive board, Carlos Fernández Aganzo, a poet, director of institutional relations for “El norte de Castilla,” and deputy director of the Vocento Foundation, Manuel Llorente, a journalist for “El Mundo,” who served as the jury’s president, César Antonio Molina, a writer and a former minister of culture, José Luis Morales, who represented the Francisco

The head on fire by Luis Mateo Dez (2012); On the shore by Rafael Chirbes (2013); Havana Requiem for Fidel by J.J. Armas Marcelo (2014); Homeland by Fernando Aramburu (2016); Transition by Santos Juliá (2017); South by Antonio Soler (2018); Tough Times by Mario Vargas Llosa (2019), “The Wonders” by Elena Medel (2020), and “Unlearning” by José Manuel Caballero Bonald (2021).

On January 12, 2009, the Francisco Umbral Foundation was established with the goal of examining, protecting, and spreading this author’s literary and journalistic works as well as assisting our culture by aiding in the promotion of literature and the Spanish language. The Foundation made the decision to start this literary creativity award for all of these reasons.

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