The European satellite navigation system Galileo It has been expanded with a new high-precision service with a global reach from space and via the Internet, aimed at developing sectors such as precision agriculture or autonomous driving.

The high precision service Galileo is available from this Tuesday to all users who have compatible receiving devices, as announced by the European Space Agency (ESA, for its acronym in English).

This novelty offers a horizontal accuracy up to 20 centimeters and one vertical precision of 40 centimeters,and is enabled through an additional level of positioning fixes in real time,as detailed by ESA in a press release.

Likewise, the high-precision service integrates the correction of messages in the band E6 of the Galileo signal. This message, usually only available to high-end receivers, also reaches a Internet,which will facilitate its wider adoption.

This new service is aimed at an application in sectors such as precision agriculture or terrestrial and hydrographic inspections,but also in other emerging ones such as robotics, autonomous driving or reality games augmented.

The European Union (EU) launched the initial Galileo services in December 2016, as an alternative to the civilian GPS system. It comprises a constellation of 28 satellites with which it offers global reach and “precision to the millimeter scale” which make it, according to ESA, “the most accurate satellite navigation service in the world”.

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