*According to some reports, the attacker is an African “refugee/asylum seeker”.

Illerkirchberg (Baden-Württemberg) – There are tragic scenes that must have happened in the early hours of the morning in Illerkirchberg, south of Ulm. A girl (14) lost her life in a brutal attack on her way to school. Another (13) was seriously injured.

This is what happened: A previously unknown man attacked two school children in the 4,700-inhabitant community at around 7:30 a.m. on their way to school and seriously injured them. Eyewitnesses immediately called the police and an ambulance. He took care of the two girls and took them to a hospital with serious injuries.

According to the Ulm police, the children were probably on their way to the bus in a neighboring community to attend secondary school there.

According to the police, the attack on two girls in Illerkirchberg (Alb-Donau-Kreis) had no impact on a neighboring elementary school, as initially assumed. “Contrary to rumours, there was no school shooting alarm,” said a police spokesman.

The alleged perpetrator is said to have fled to a neighboring apartment building. The house is the municipal refugee shelter. The police met three people there, including the alleged perpetrator. Further details about the attack, the motive and the injured were initially unclear.

The police surrounded the building, stormed it and arrested all residents. Including the perpetrator. There is still no motive for the act itself.

The investigations are still in full swing

It is also unclear whether the girls and the perpetrator knew each other. The investigations are still in full swing, the crime scene is still closed off, according to the Ulm police.

“We now have to determine the background exactly,” said a police spokesman. More information is expected to be available this Monday afternoon.

Mayor Markus Häußler (37, independent) to BILD: “The community is shocked. One of the girls has now died. We are all deeply saddened and mourn with the family.”

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