National coach Hansi Flick: “The team fought without reservation. But we stopped there. We work as a unit. Even though it can be interpreted in numerous ways, our relationship is good. The accomplishments of the squad are enormous. I’m happy. On the field, there are fighters who play with passion. A lot is conceivable if we carry that momentum forward and gain more confidence.

“We really wanted to draw that game,” said Niclas Jug. It was crucial that we comprehend that concept. We surely have a chance to go to the next round at this point. We can now enter the last game with optimism and the wish that everything will work out nicely.

Regarding Füllkrug, Thomas Müller said: “Geil entered. That’s what he can expect. Of course, he has already made that announcement in recent days. He exudes a lot of confidence and, as you can see, uses his right foot like a true hammer. He has an outstanding aim and, I have to admit, is a really horny guy.

Ilkay Gundogan: “We knew exactly how we wanted to argue that. We ultimately had the better scoring opportunities, so we can accept the point.

“A fantastic fighting performance,” said Leon Goretzka. We were aware that we occasionally had to chase after them; it wasn’t something we were used to, but we accepted it. On the field, eleven players stood poised to rip each other apart. I intend to use that. We follow suit. Pure resolve is what plenty is aiming for. We had a few scoring opportunities, but Körner was cost by them. Overall, it was a strong showing.

“I’m thrilled for the team,” said Antonio Rudiger. We responded effectively. Niclas entered and completed his task, which is what keeps us alive. We still need three points in the final, which is coming very soon. The substitutions were also crucial. Niclas, I believe he provides us with something up there that we lack.

Manuel Neuer: “Playing against happy-go-lucky Spaniards was challenging in every way. But we didn’t allow much and accepted this conflict. Huge congratulations to the defense and the association as a whole. We didn’t hide our heads in the sand after the 0-1 draw and maintained having faith in ourselves. The crucial fact is that we are still alive. I believe we have arrived. We always strive to control every aspect of life. We are accountable for our choices, and we have some control over the game versus Costa Rica. And since we wish to, we’ll tidy up everything.

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