Chhattisgarh Olympics: 14 sorts of traditional sports activities are blanketed inside the Olympics in the crew and unmarried class.

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel inaugurated Chhattisgarh Olympics these days.

The event can be organized in the nation from October 6 to January 6, 2023. 14 kinds of conventional sports are blanketed within the Olympics inside the team and single class.

“Today, ‘Chhattisgarhia Olympics’, the Mahakumbh of conventional sports activities, became inaugurated at Balveer Singh Juneja Indoor Stadium, Raipur. Under this, from October 6, 2022 to January 6, 2023, 14 styles of traditional sports could be prepared within the nation in single and crew class. #CGOlympics2022 #KhelboChhattisgarh,” tweeted CM Baghel.

Gilli Danda, Pittool, Langdi Run, Banti (Kancha), Billas, Fugdi, and Gedi Race are some of the competitions.

“In Chhattisgarhia Olympics, 14 styles of traditional sports activities had been protected within the crew and single class. In which the opposition of Gilli Danda, Pittool, Langdi Run, Banti (Kancha), Billas, Fugdi, Gedi Run, Bhanwara are covered,” added Mr Baghel in another tweet.

Events may be held on six levels, with separate categories for women and men. From children to the aged, all people will take part in Chhattisgarh Olympics.

“These video games will be prepared in six ranges in which there may be separate categories for ladies and men. There is no age restriction in this, each person from children to the elderly could be capable of end up members of Chhattisgarhia Olympics. #CGOlympics2022 #KhelboChhattisgarh,” concluded Mr Baghel.

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