There is hardly anyone who does not like to eat chocolate, but over the years there has been a lot of confusion about the health benefits and drawbacks of the sweet food. A recent study by EatingWell tried to sort things out.

Among other things, it was found that eating almonds with dark chocolate or cocoa improved the fat profiles in the body, which helps in improving heart health. It was also found that dark chocolate is a good source of iron, as a 50 gram portion of dark chocolate contains 6 milligrams of iron.

In addition, it was found that consuming dark chocolate every day for 30 days improved the cognitive performance of the participants. The researchers attribute the findings to methylxanthines in dark chocolate.

However, as we all know, the good effects come at a price: excessive consumption of saturated fats and added sugars is associated with an increase in blood cholesterol and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

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