Morbi bridge crumble: Sources says police visit become to cross-test claims made by the group of workers members of the corporation who’ve been arrested to this point

Some police employees this morning went to the office of Oreva Group, contractor for the maintenance of the bridge that collapsed on October 30 and claimed over a hundred thirty lives. It became locked, so they lower back.
While some reports called this a “raid”, police sources advised NDTV that the go to become to move-take a look at some claims made by means of the nine team of workers participants of the business enterprise who’ve been arrested to date.

The top control of the business enterprise — known specially for making ‘Ajanta’ wall clocks — has now not faced any motion. That includes its dealing with director Jaysukhbhai Patel, who had publicly claimed that the bridge will maintain up for “at least eight to ten years” whilst it became reopened — ahead of agenda — on October 26.

Jaysukhbhai Patel had signed the settlement with the Morbi municipal business enterprise.

Relatives of the dead have puzzled the BJP authorities — as have Opposition parties which includes Congress and AAP, specifically while elections are weeks away — why the police case would not name Oreva top bosses and the civic officers who signed the contract.

The contract said the employer was sure to hold the bridge closed for eight-one year for upkeep. But it become reopened after simply seven months and fell 4 days later.

Police have told the court that Oreva turned into now not certified for the repair paintings, but it became given the work in 2007 after which in 2022 for 15 years at a time. Oreva had in addition hired a touch-regarded organization for the work.

PM Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel searching at a snapped cable of the bridge in Morbi, Gujarat.

The floor of the bridge on the river Machchu was replaced but its cables were no longer. The cables couldn’t take the weight of the new floors — 4-layered aluminum sheets — and snapped, stated the prosecution.

A supervisor of the Oreva group, one of those arrested, advised a neighborhood court docket that the tragedy changed into an “act of God” whilst searching for comfort, public prosecutor HS Panchal instructed journalists.

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