Karhu Basket extended its winning streak and broke the Seagulls’ winning streak at the same time.

Men’s Kauhajoki Karhu Basket, the leader of the basketball league, stretched its streak of consecutive victories to ten when it defeated the Helsinki Seagulls 85–73 in its home game.

The Seagulls, who had won their previous seven games, dominated the first period with a difference of 11 points. It still led at halftime, but Karhu Basket took control of the game with a 20–7 win in the third period. After that, Kotijohto increased to a maximum of 22 points.

“The big thing in the third period was our defense getting better and tougher. The efficiency of the Seagulls’ scoring collapsed and the opponent also seemed to get tired,” said Karhu Basket’s coach Janne Koskimies.

Karhu from Basket Cameron Jones collected 20 and Lee Skinner 15 points. Jeffrey Carroll scored 27 for the Seagulls and Robert Hall 16 points.

Salon Vilpas took a 99–82 victory over Tampere Pyrinnö, when the teams tied in points below the middle of the standings met in Tampere.

Pyrintö held the lead at the beginning, but Vilpas pulled away when it took the last minutes of the third period 22–4. Purintö did not get closer than ten points in the second half.

Keyshawn Feazell made Vilppaa 26 and Mikko Koivisto 20 points. Ike Smith bagged Pyrinnö 22 and LJ Thorpe 19 points.

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